Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pueblo Pots

Pueblo Potters (Black, 1997) is a story that is part of our school's third grade reading program This story teaches the history of this Native American tribe and their way of life, including their potttery. Students read this story in reading class and learn about Puebo beliefs, traditions and the techniques they use when making clay pots.

After reading the story in Reading class, they get to try these techniques in art class. It starts with a simple pinch pot, something learned in first grade, but then we take it to the next level!

Students make coils of clay and then build up the height of the pot by adhering them. The only way clay will stick to clay is by using scoring techniques and wetting both pieces.

The pots are built and fired. In this week's art classes, students will glaze the pots and then they'll be fired again.

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