Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election '08: Campaign Posters and Caricatures

Mrs. Spagnoli and Mrs. Kreider are organizing a school-wide election. They asked if kids could do campaign related projects in some art classes. Some classes are choosing the candidate they will vote for and making campaign posters.

Fourth grade classes are learning about caricatures. First I made a bulletin board with photos of both candidates and surrounded those images with caricatures of them. I asked the students, "What kind of drawing do you think a caricature is?" The definition they came up with was, "A humorous drawing that exaggerates the features of a person." Some students noticed how artists exaggerated McCain's puffy cheeks and wrinkles and other exaggerated Obama's large ears and big smile. Students then chose a candidate they wanted to make a caricature of. They turned out great!

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ikeclare said...

I just stumbled on your blog and want to commend your work. The projects look awesome! lucky kids!