Monday, October 6, 2008

3-D Paper Constructions

The whole idea of making art is to be open, to be generous,
and absorb the viewer and absorb yourself, to let them go into it.
I have to go into all those places in order to make it work." -- Frank Stella

This project was inspired by the contemporary artist Frank Stella. He was already a famous artist in the 60's and 70's making paintings like this:

Then he had an idea. What if the forms and shapes came right off the picture plane? Now his paintings are really sculptures. They look something like this.

The kids learned about this artist and making three dimensional art by first glueing two different colored pieces of construction paper together. Then they drew different kinds of patterns with oil pastel. Then they cut lines going from the outside edge toward the center. Each piece was then twisted around a pencil to create different kinds of curved forms. Once they had a design they liked we taped and stapled it into place.

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