Thursday, September 18, 2008

Name Design Posters

"The essence of our effort to see that every child has a chance

must be to assure each an equal opportunity,

not to become equal, but to become different --

to realize whatever unique potential of

body, mind and spirit he or she possesses."

-- John Fischer

This was our first lesson of the year for third grade. In my opinion, the ideal art project is a balance between a structured activity and a free activity. In other words, there is something challenging to try, but it is open ended, with plenty of freedom to experiment and explore with materials.

The structured part of this lesson is to use a ruler to measure and make guidelines correctly. Of all the math objectives, this is one students will use the rest of their lives whether they make art, do carpentry, sew or do any number of hands on tasks.

Students demonstrated the ability to measure at the one inch and three inch mark. They connected their lines to make guidelines and make their names with block letters. Then they made pictures that expressed their interests.

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