Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Make a Celtic Knot

1. Fold paper across to make a triangle and cut off the access. (makes a square paper)
2. Fold in half.
3. Fold in half again.
3. Fold in half again.
4. Arrange your triangle so that the edge with only one fold is on the right, the side with lots of folds is on the bottom, and the side with no folds in on the left. Draw first line about a half inch long. The path of your knot will start at the side with one fold and end at the other side with multiple folds.
5. Extend your line to the side with fold any way you want. Then make a the other line parallel about ¼ inch apart.Don’t go to open side.

6. Draw two parallel diagonal lines. Then two more diagonal lines branching in the opposite direction.
7. Extend these lines down making sure they intersect with at least one other line.

8. Cut out the negative space. If it helps to remember, you can shade your lines in to remind yourself not to cut them out.
9. Unfold your knot! You can mount it on colored construction paper. Next week, we'll add more to our knot designs. (I added extra lines to mine, to make it more intricate.)

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