Friday, November 6, 2009

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

Little Gopher was smaller than the other young Indian boys of his Plains tribe, and although he tried hard, he could not do what the others did. The tribe's wise shaman assures him, however, that he has a different gift.

This book is a vivid retelling of a Wyoming legend of the origin of their state flower, the Indian Paintbrush. We read this together in kindergarten art classes, and talked about Native American life and art. Then students made their own drawings of Little Gopher.

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Cristy said...

The true courage in the story lies within Mr. Wales for trusting kindergarten kids with Sharpies!
Just kidding, but the images look GREAT that way.
As another elementary art teacher, I love seeing what you do in your program, and am inspired by your weblog. (found you through Gurney Journey)
Thanks for the peek into another great classroom!
Cristy in WY