Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Texture Rubbings and Crayon Resist.

Remember last week when we used texture plates to make rubbings? The patterns in the texture on the plates showed up on our papers. Well, we can make texture rubbings from things we find around us, too -- like our shoes!

Today, everybody took of one shoe and made a crayon rubbing of it. A lot of shoe treads have very interesting patterns.

Then we painted over these and the abstract crayon drawings we made last week. When you paint over crayon with paint, you're using a technique called crayon resist. Because crayon is made of wax, the paint won't stick to it well, but flows into all the spots that didn't have crayon. The crayon is resisting the paint. It's as if the crayon is saying, "Get off of me!"

Optional assignment: Can you make a texture rubbing with a pencil, paper and a penny? What other textures can you find at home?

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