Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Compare and Contrast -- Warhol vs. Lichtenstein

We started the class with art reproductions by two different artists, but they were all mixed up! Could the kids separate the work of two artists into two groups, just by looking at the paintings? They actually did it by analyzing the styles and subject matter of the artists and discussing it among themselves.

Here they have them all separated, with the work by Roy Lichtenstein on one table, and the work by Andy Warhol on another.

They decided that the work of Lichtenstein used mostly primary colors and very crisp clean straight black lines. Warhol had more varieties of color and a more subdued pallette. He also used photography printmaking and sometimes expressive, painterly effects. Of course, they put this in their own words by saying things like "Roy is more cartoony and Andy is more serious."

What do the two artists have in common? They were both artists who worked in the Pop Art style in the sixties and after. They both used imagery from popular culture in fine art settings.

Students summarized what they learned from this activity in writing. I told them they could organize their thoughts any way they liked. Below are a couple of the really good ones.

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