Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5th Grade Poster Projects

5th Grade classes have been working on artwork based on an ocean animal. The painting above is Caitlin Correll's. She was artist of the week for this. I really like the sylized wave designs.

Next, everybody gets a big piece of posterboard. They will attach their painting to that and make a slogan "advertisting" their animal. Most students have already researched some facts about their animal. Their assignment is to take these posters home and somehow in a creative way "show what they know". They can write, draw, paste -- anything they want. Parents can help too if they want. The goal is to present interesting information about their animal -- things that when a viewer sees it, they say, "No way!"
Below is my example. Mrs. Puff from Sponge-Bob presents information about her real life counter part the white-spotted pufferfish (or, arothron hispidus). I have further decorated it with drawings and photos.

Here's a close-up of some of the information I learned while researching this fascinating animal.

These will be on display when we have our big art show/family fun night in March. However, I'd like to have them when we come back from break. No pressure -- I'd just like the kids to have fun using their creativity to do this.

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