Thursday, April 8, 2010


One of the works of art we are studying through our Picturing America grant is the architecture of the Chrysler building. What kinds of shapes can you find in the building? There are geometric shapes, as well as plant and animal shapes. The building is Art Deco style architecture, and some of the details remind us of Egyptian design. The wing shape is a replica of a 1929 radiator cap. One ornamental frieze incorporates a band of hubcaps. (More discussion questions here).

After discussing this artwork, students are ready to design their own skyscrapers. We are using templates to make some of the geometric shapes.

Some students are adding some of their own details freehand, like gargoyles projecting from the buildings.
When the pencil drawings are finished, students will color them with marker. When a few get finished, I'll post some more pictures!

Some of us are naming our buildings after ourselves -- like the Baglini Hotel!

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