Friday, March 19, 2010

Giant Tales

Third graders heard the story The Brave Little Tailor (illustrated by James Warhola) and then drew giant pictures (on 18x24 paper!) and wrote stories of how they would outsmart a giant.

Many gave their pictures titles like The Brave Little Hairdresser or The Brave Gumball Destroyer. I called mine The Brave Little Art Teacher.

Here is one third grader's story and picture.

My Giant Story
Written by Jamie Welch

One late evening I was planting flowers in my front yard. Suddenly, I heard a loud, booming voice. "You there!" the booming voice shouted. I cowered in fear.

"" I whispered.
"Yes, you! Come closer!" the voice commanded. In fear, I walked to my lake. There, sitting on my wooden bench, was a giant. "Come closer," the giant said. I walked towards the giant on my shaky legs. "Yes...," the giant said. Out of nowhere, the giant scooped me up in his over-sized hand. "What's your name?" the giant boomed.
"J...Jamie," I stammered.
"I'm Mario, the only Italian giant," Mario boomed, laughing. I began to cry, for I missed my mother and father. "Stop!" Mario commanded.
I wiped my tears. "Stop what?" I asked.
"Stop your crying! It makes me sick," he replied, sighing. I began to think more sad thoughts. I cried hard, and I cried soft. Soon after, Mario's face turned blue, and he exploded. Then I went home and lived a normal life once

The End.

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