Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art History Biopix

Fifth graders are working on entries in their sketchbooks. We call them Art History Biopix. Above is one of my examples. The assignment is to show the artist and what his or her art looked like. It's okay to translate these masterpieces into cartoony or "kid-style" images. Then we write two or three (or more) facts about the artist.

Everybody gets a different book about an artist. We signed out all the artist biographies from the library, which has about 40 excellent books about artists. The assignment is not to read the whole book, but to use them for research. We find the facts we need for our posters.

Find something interesting and put it in your own words! Ethan has done a great job with this Andy Warhol. Check out some of the other great artists from history -- as seen through the eyes of fifth graders!


Connie said...

I love these! What a great idea.

Paul Bozzo said...

You've been busy! Your Michelangelo bioptic make a powerful presentation! Nice.