Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mini Monets

Second grade is just wrapping up a short, two-period lesson on Impressionist artist Claude Monet. During the first class we watch the wonderful movie, Linnea in Monet's Garden. It's an animated movie, but shows the actual paintings and photographs of the artist at work.

Adapted from a bestselling book, this film tells the tale of a little girl's exploration of Claude Monet's paintings and life. When Linnea and her friend Mr. Bloom arrive at Monet's garden, the two find the actual places which inspired their favorite paintings as the film magically demonstrates how the "real life" garden was transformed into Monet's masterpieces.

After the movie we discuss his painting style and begin our own studies of his masterpieces. Students look at posters of his work while they sketch their versions. On the following week we review what we learned about this artist and how he worked, with strokes and dabs of color placed side by side. We add color to our studies with Crayola markers.

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