Friday, March 20, 2009

Pictures from Family Fun Night

"Everybody say 'Barnacles!'" On Friday, March 13, we had our Family Fun Night & Art Show. I think it's neat to have one of these once a year, because unlike a regular art show, kids can also make something and do some other fun learning activities with their parents -- plus every kid gets to show off to their parents what they are learning in art class and other classes. In the picture above you see me, the Sponge-Bob sculpture we made, my son David in the Sponge-Bob costume (from Costume Capers, and a lot of the kids who came.

Our theme this year was "Oceans of Fun", so all of the art on display was related to that theme, and all the activities had an ocean flavor. In the cafeteria, we had Swedish fish candy and goldfish crackers and ocean blue Kool-Aid.

That Mr. Manchester loves to use that megaphone! In the library, he and Mr. Macik organized a game of Bingo. Lots of neat prizes were won, like comic books and Sponge-Bob posters of historic value.

Kids made Fancy Fish crafts with paper plates and neato foam stickers. Thank you, all you teachers and older kids who helped!

Other events included:

  • Crabby Patty Toss. Mr. Gorman and Mrs. Fisher helped kids with this bean bag throwing game.

  • tours of the inside of a whale, thanks to Mrs. White and her students who organized that.

  • a really neat craft called Porthole Pictures. This is made with two paper plates and blue cellophane. When you look at them, it's as if you're looking out the window of a submarine. This was organized by Miss Bean and Mrs. Shangraw and their helpers. About 140 kids got to make this craft.

If anybody has any pictures from this night, please send them! Our school camera was locked up that night and I couldn't get to it! (Thanks, Mrs. Rowe for sending these).

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