Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Show What You Know!

Here are some of the Ocean Animal Posters made by 5th graders. Everybody chose an animal to learn about and draw or paint. Then they read about it in art class and back at their classroom or at home. Our goal was to find some interesting facts about the animal and to present what we learned in a creative way. We started them in art class and kids took them home over break to add more to them if they chose to. They turned out great! Here are a few of them.

This Sea Turtle poster is by Desi Potts. The round letters she used looks really sharp! Below is a close-up.

The next one is by Corrinne Rivera. Did you know that the starfish doesn't have a brain? Maybe that's why they made the Patrick Starfish character on Sponge-Bob act so silly!

The Leatherback Sea Turtle poster is by Brooke Rees. She used sandpaper on the bottom of the poster to simulate sand.

Here's a close-up of Brooke's poster. She even glued real sea shells to the sand! And look at the sea weed shapes she cut from paper.

The next poster is by Cody Spaulding. He researched the sea horse.

Below is a close-up. I like his Mr. Horse's Learning Corner feature with the teacher sea horse holding a pointer!

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Paul Bozzo said...

Some nice examples of presenting facts in a "fun" way. Cool art!